I have a passion for historic buildings,  furniture and Joinery.


I work primarily (though not exclusively) in english Oak, green, seasoned and reclaimed.

all of my work is crafted using hand-tools and ancient techniques - i feel this results in truly unique, visceral and tactile pieces that draw the eye and invite touch. additionally it creates joinery and furniture that sits 'right' in a period property- or becomes a contrasting focal point in a more contemporary home.


I am largely inspired by pre 18th century woodwork, with its naive carvings, pleasingly subtle assymetry, softly undulating surfaces, and tool marks.


I am happy to work with my clients through concept design, to finished product.


from hand-hewn (and carved)  beams, lintels and bressumers- all historic joinery- to unique historical and bespoke  furniture.


all of my work is handmade.


happy to ship worldwide.