Designer & Manufacturer of English Handmade Reproduction Antique Oak Furniture & Period Joinery. specialising in 11th to 17th Centuries.


Designer & Manufacturer of Bespoke Country Furniture and Fantasy Furniture.


For Museums, Homes, Hotels, Pubs and Movie Sets.


I work primarily (though not exclusively) in English Oak; Green, Seasoned or Reclaimed, according to project specification.


If required, items are acurately reproduced using the same techniques as originals; wood is riven, hewn, planed and carved by hand. all joints are draw-bored mortice and tenons,with hand-made tapered oak pegs, just as it was done centuries ago. mouldings are cut using scratch stocks or moulding planes. any iron work is hand forged.


Alternatively wood can be cut to size using hand-held tools and finished 'by eye' using hand-tools.


Final finishing is also hand applied using traditional beeswax.  


All of my work is crafted using hand-tools and ancient techniques - this results in truly unique, visceral and tactile pieces that draw the eye and invite touch.


I am largely inspired by Early Oak pre-18th century woodwork; the naive carvings, pleasingly subtle assymetry, softly undulating surfaces evoke an ambience not found in later furniture...  it is my wish to convey this 'feel' in my work.


From Concept Design, To Finished Product.


Hand-Hewn (carved if desired) Beams, Lintels and Bressumers.

Historic Joinery.

Historical Reproductions and Unique Bespoke  Furniture.


Everything is HANDMADE.


Worldwide Shipping.